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Fire Leads for the Damage Restoration Industry

Do you think your fire and smoke restoration business could bring in more customers? Then you need a professional to evaluate your current lead generation strategy. At RestorationBoost, we implement a number of tried and tested digital marketing strategies to boost your business and help you get seen by home-owners and businesses in your local area.

The Fire Lead Generation Process

We don’t use secretive, behind-the-scenes lead generation techniques to bring customers to your business. If you’re considering working with a marketing agency that won’t disclose its strategies used for generating fire restoration leads, don’t ignore this red flag. A marketing agency should be able to tell you in detail about the efforts that are made to bring in new leads for your business.


The basic process of lead generation for fire restoration companies is as follows:

  • We analyze your current lead generation efforts (don’t worry if you don’t have any).
  • We’ll then create an audit based on our findings.
  • We implement a digital marketing strategy, combining several techniques to showcase your business to relevant customers.
  • We track your calls and leads to determine how many fire leads have been generated by our marketing strategies. This data helps us to refine our efforts going forward – we never make you pay per lead or pay a percentage of the job.
  • You receive your fire lead by a direct phone call, to your email address or receive text message alerts.  People call your business to book a fire restoration or smoke damage restoration job.
  • You then visit their house or business to provide an estimate.
  • If you are selected, you then perform your fire damage restoration service, and get paid by the insurance agency or home-owner.

How We Generate Fire Restoration Leads

When you contact us for fire restoration leads, we’ll require some information from you about your business goals: the name of your business and your address or location, your phone number and email address, your targeted service area and what you’re hoping to achieve from our service. We’ll target home-owners and businesses in your local area based on the criteria you’ve selected and look at how you can generate more sales with minimal cost or effort.

To begin, we’ll research into the keywords used by your local competition to determine how to best move forward with our lead generation system. With this information, we’ll produce a tailor-made plan covering everything we plan to do to boost your fire damage company’s leads, which we’ll review with you before we get started.


As a company owner, you’ll know first-hand just how competitive the fire and smoke damage industry can be. For this reason, we don’t just focus on a single strategy for generating fire leads. Instead, we employ a variety of the best practices to give your company the best opportunity to secure new leads on a regular basis.

The list below highlights the different digital marketing techniques to generate smoke and fire damage leads:

Local SEO Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Management

Web Design and Development

Local SEO Success

Local SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is critical to your online success, especially if you want to be found on the first page of search engine results. At RestorationBoost, we’re a marketing agency and experts at working with small, medium-sized and large water restoration companies who consider local SEO optimization as a top priority. When local customers need your service, it’s likely they’ll be in a hurry to find a solution to their water damage problems. Chances are, they’ll search for your service on Google – and you want to make sure that your name pops up on the first page.

Local SEO is effective in several different ways for business growth: it’ll improve local brand awareness and increase your general visibility online. When it comes to SEO optimization and online marketing for damage restoration companies, we follow all of Google’s best practices when it comes to online marketing no one does it better than us. Our local SEO pros will use Google My Business, specific location webpages or location “about us” pages, content marketing and other techniques to help improve your water damage restoration business’ visibility in search engines.

PPC Masters

As a business owner that is concerned about water damage marketing costs and wanting a positive return on investment, you may be hesitant to pay for water damage marketing in the form of PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, such as with Google Ads, especially as you might have had a negative experience with it in the past. But for the majority of water damage restoration companies, Google Ads serve as an important aspect of their overall water damage marketing efforts.

Instead of gambling away your money with reams of test ads that don’t capture the attention you were hoping for, leave it to the experts at RestorationBoost! Our Pay Per Click team knows exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to advertising your water damage restoration business to your target audience looking for water restoration services on Google. With cost-effective PPC campaigns and a high-converting landing page tailored to your exact budget and goals, we can help you to achieve a successful outcome with Google Ads, Display and remarketing.

Top-Quality Water Damage Websites

We’ve been building Google-friendly websites for over a decade – and we know exactly what’s needed to convert customers with an attractive website alone. We’ll make sure that your water restoration company’s website is fully secure, search engine optimized, and lightning-fast.

Whether you need a brand-new website, make it mobile friendlty or you’re just looking to update an old one, opt for our water damage web design and see what a difference a beautiful website can make.

How Does Our Service Work?

The exact service we offer depends on what you’re goals are and what you are looking for. If you’re an established water damage restoration business looking for lead generation, we’ll look at your current presence on Google and your internet marketing strategy (if you have one). We’ll then propose a plan of action for your business, which may include a website redesign or elements of your website redone, make sure it is a mobile friendly website, combined with Pay Per Click advertising with on Google, local SEO, and other strategies that would increase your online presence, such as social media marketing.


If you’re a new business owner who needs to get your water restoration company out there with internet marketing, we can help, too. We’ll create a high-quality SEO website advertising your restoration services, using content marketing strategies to attract a local customer base. Once your website is up and running, we’ll look at other techniques to get you on the first page of your preferred search engines. Any leads generated through your website traffic and our wider internet marketing strategies will go straight through to your company phone or cell phone and/or your email address, and you can simply schedule a booking and quote the customer.


No matter what your situation, we guarantee that when you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • We focus on only working with restoration businesses so we understand how your business works. General focus agencies don’t know your industry like we do.
  • No more paying per lead!
  • No middleman – we work directly with water damage companies and do everything ourselves.
  • No commissions charged – we do not charge you a percentage of your jobs, thus allowing you to financially benefit entirely from the leads we bring in.
  • Personalized, flexible options to suit all budgets and requirements.
  • Stop relying on referrals or word of mouth advertising that is not scalable or reliable.
  • Think of us as you business partner or a part-time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) as we provide marketing tips and tricks that can help you grow your business.
  • You remain focused on your fulfilling your service offerings instead of worrying where your next lead is coming from. Business owners can now concentrate on their damage restoration service while we concentrate on the lead gen.
  • Opportunity for business growth and expansion into other areas such as fire damage leads and mold leads, with dedicated internet marketing practices.


Tracked Results For Your Water Restoration Business

Need proof that our water damage marketing and fire damage lead gen efforts are actually producing results? We completely understand since it can be difficult to know where your calls are coming from, and whether these new water damage leads have resulted from your online marketing or elsewhere.

To help you know for sure that you’re getting a return on your investment, we’ll provide monthly reports that show you exactly where we are generating leads from, and which of our water damage marketing strategies proved the most successful. We believe that transparency is important to a long-term relationship, and we’ll never leave you in the dark about our plans and processes.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing

The Internet is a truly life-changing invention, and there’s nothing to suggest it’ll go away any time soon. Yes, perhaps a new means of searching online will be invented, but there will always be a digital platform that you can use to represent your company in one way or another.

Physical advertising with leaflets, making sales phone calls and marketing yourself with posters in your local area will all go some way to promote your water damage restoration company – but they’ll never say everything that’s needed to convince clients to choose you over other companies.

Digital marketing often achieves better results at a lower cost than some traditional marketing methods. If you like the idea of getting the best value for money from your water damage business’ marketing efforts, digital marketing is the best thing to consider.

With more than 75% of people shopping online at least once a month, you’re doing a serious disservice to yourself if your water restoration company isn’t well-represented with a professional website, active on social media platforms, Google Reviews page, and local advertisements.

Digital marketing with water damage leads can help restoration service business owners to get seen by customers who are looking specifically for their service. Rather than advertising to passers-by who may never need restoration for water damage, you can tailor your advertising to those who need you right now through multiple advertising channels such as SEO, PPC, social media and other platforms.

True Water Damage Marketing Specialists

Chances are, you’ll come across a few businesses online that claim to be the best option for water restoration marketing. But when you check out their full website, you discover that they claim to be experts in a whole range of website categories and niches – which means they aren’t focusing 100% of their efforts on water damage marketing. With Restoration Boost, you can rest assured that you’re working with a restoration marketing company that is fully committed to finding and providing the best online marketing solutions for your business.


The entirety of our research and work is focused on getting water damage leads for our clients every day through various online marketing channels. No general digital marketing company for home service businesses could possibly understand how to produce the best marketing strategy for water restoration companies like we do.


Let Restoration Lead Experts Help Boost Your Leads and Sales

Are you A Water Damage Restoration Marketing Expert? We didn’t think so…

So why take on the role of one within your water restoration business? That would be like us taking on your job – we’re all experts in our own trade.

Instead of desperately seeking out ways to get water damage leads, wasting money on strategies that don’t work and trying to “wing it” to success, you need an internet marketing specialist who knows exactly what it takes to achieve the results you’re looking for.

We’ll do all the digital work, improving your lead generation while leaving you to the work you’re best at. With a truly hands-off approach, you can sit back and experience the satisfaction of new customers with no effort on your part.

Dedicated One-On-One Support

Your business isn’t just a number to us. We want to make sure we understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve from our SEO strategies, and no matter what, our team is here to help.

You’ll benefit from one-on-one support from the account manager who’s handling your project and generating leads for your restoration company. No need to pass details from one team member to another – you’ll always be dealing with the same person.

Whether you have a question about the process, you’d like to pay a compliment or suggest an improvement, or you’re just keen for an update, we’re always ready for a chat. We know that as a business owner, you might not have much time in your day work to give us a call, and we aim to be as flexible as possible with our communication. Whether you’d rather chat over the phone, schedule a video call, or communicate via Facebook Messenger, we’re happy to do what suits you best.

What Are You Looking For?

Pay Per Click? Social media marketing? Improvements to your web site’s SEO or a web presence in general? No matter what your marketing needs, your account manager can arrange it all for you.

Our ultimate goal is to help your restoration company get leads, but we do this in the most organic way possible, ensuring the highest level of success from a combination of strategies. The best thing you can do for your business is to invest broadly in marketing, rather than opting to buy cheap, instant leads – which are tempting to many business owners, but don’t provide a foundation for long-term success.

Our team is skilled in all the practices that are needed to get your restoration business on the first page of Google and bring more clients directly to you. Don’t pay per lead when you could use our gradual approach to get ahead of other companies in the water restoration industry.


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