Water Damage SEO for Restoration Companies

Target prospective local damage restoration customers with highly targeted SEO strategies.

On Page SEO

Services We work on multiple on-page SEO issues.

Off Page SEO

Link building and link earning in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Social Media Optimization

Setup, optimize and maintain multiple social media accounts.


Each Local SEO Campaign is Customized for Each Damage Restoration Customer’s Exact Needs

We have developed strategies specifically for restoration companies that produces solid traffic and leads for our customers.
Through several different on-page and off-page SEO factors, we optimize your website in order to maximize the most traffic, while targeting the most profitable damage restoration keywords.
By creating a steady pipeline of highly targeted traffic to your website, we then perform conversion rate optimization (CRO) so that your website visitors are enticed to contact you for a job estimate.

The Importance of Water Damage Restoration SEO

If you want your water damage restoration business to be found online, then you absolutely need to make sure your website is properly optimized for the search engines.  You should not guess this process, try to do it yourself or go with a SEO company isn’t qualified, since if it is not done properly you can jeopardize your businesses online success.

The SEO Process

Making sure your water damage restoration company’s website is search engine friendly is not for a novice to tackle.  If you want to properly showcase your restoration services on your website and have it appear on the first page of Google, you better make sure you follow all of the latest marketing tips online and stay within their approved guidelines.

The process of SEO lead generation for water damage restoration companies is as follows:

  • Overall audit of your restoration company’s online presence
  • Initial analysis to determine your website’s current rankings and search results
  • We implement fixes to your website based on findings discovered during your website audit and make sure everything is properly optimized.  For example:
    • Is your website mobile friendly?
    • Is your Google My Business (GMB) setup properly and optimized based on best practices for Google Maps?
    • Are the right keywords and best performing keywords in place?
    • Are your pages titles and h1-h6 tags setup correctly?
    • Is your website optimized for conversions properly?  For example, is you phone number displayed in a prominent location?
    • Is your website design of high quality and loading fast?
    • How is your website content? Are location and services pages setup properly?  How about blog posts and other content marketing?
    • (More…this is not a complete list)


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